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Future Project,
Unlocking Your Future Potential

Future Project is an outreach program designed to assess and address the needs of the community, schools, and programs addressing/affiliated with the at risk population. This is a 12 month program that consists of Master level Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, New Jersey State Certified Teachers, and Mentors and Behavioral Assistants.

Our Mission

The mission of Future Project is to provide academic and social support for the at risk population and programs servicing the inner-city communities. We will provide support in a neutral therapeutic environment, which will give our consumers an opportunity to feel comfortable while addressing their needs. The goal is to provide an educational milieu within a therapeutic milieu. Our programs’ vision :

  • Help students move from at risk to mainstream.
  • Promote Cultural, Social and Self-awareness.
  • Improve the academic standards used in urban communities.
  • Improve program’s policies and procedures that will properly address their clientele.
  • Teach a different level of coping skills.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to the website for Future Project…

Andre L. Greer
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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And goals would not be accomplished without our dedicated staff  – Unlocking Your Future Potential